The Rise of "Near Me" SEO

I am sure none of this is news to you because the conversation about local search continues to be a focus for SEO practioners.  I am going to fast forward 8 years so we can look at the shift to using not only desktop, but mobile for these types of searches.  There has been a big jump in the past 5 years in the volume of "near me" as a modifier to search.

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Backing up UX with Analytics and SEO

In a recent meeting, a client did a new page design review with their web user team. This client has a network of sites that follows the same structure and UX, so it is basically changed one place and changed everywhere.

The Design Changes

One of the topics was changing the Address/Location page.  This page has a similar set up to many companies where the main page has a listing of locations addresses that clicks through to a detail page for each location including a map, phone number and service listing.

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